Thursday, February 23, 2012

Progress shots

Working on some drawings for my character design class ~ <3 just a bit of my process ~ :D

This is my character Yuu ~ I will add in her story later ~ but Im quite happy with her design. She is supposed to be a humanoid android built to sing. The first assignment was to draw your character in a pose and to also create a silhouette. The point was to make a character that was recognizable even though fine details were not being shown.  

This was my second assignment.  We were to create 10 thumbnails of our characters with at least 3 of the 10 had to be volumetric shapes. 
The third part of our assignment was to create 3 clean drafts and 2 silhouettes. 

 And lastly we were to create a finished colored render~ I later went back and fixed this image. A lot was bugging me. Finished render is down below ~ Im still not happy with the coloring~ :p Im hoping to fix it up more.

Can you tell what i fixed ~ ? I added more shading as well as darkened up a few areas. I fixed her foot, it was bugging me :p added more detail to the face, and fixed her left tail coat. 

I hope you enjoyed a little of what I do. If you like what you see let me know ~ constructive criticism  is always welcome as i am a beginning artist ~ I will update more as i work on new projects.

P.S: I am in the process of changing up my blog :p Im not too incredibly happy with the ugly layout. Also I want to start doing tutorials, any suggestions ~ ?

<3 hleexyooj ~

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Daily Outfit and random~

Hmm haven't posted in a while~ Random Pics

Found some pretty mirror rocks so camera whored a bit :P

                                                       On my way to my grandma's house lol

                                       My little sister, she was helping me get my bag from the back

Carved pumpkins also XD I made a cute Rilakkuma one <3

Finished Product <33 I'm so proud of the results :D

And then some sexy sunday ~

Friday, October 7, 2011

Get to know downtown

So Today, or actually yesterday night I attended a cocktail event held in Downtown Minneapolis for Northropmoves. The event was hosted by Sam Grabarski and Lisa Meyer in Nicolate mall in a store called Neiman Marcus, which i have to say had fabulous clothes though way too expensive for my wallet =_=' . I have to say I had alot of fun, during the presentation we were informed about local shopping spots and events ands towards the end a mini fashion show.

Omigosh are these not pretty flowers~!? They were the center pieces to the cocktail tables, they smelled lovely~

Orderves from Rose Mexico, a new restaurant that opened in downtown. Food was ok, just a little on the dry, bland side.

lol me, I felt really young and out of place.

Amazing cupcakes, the display I thought was so cute too with all the names and all ~ My favorite was totally the carrot cake hands down ! 

Let me tell you I fell in love with these boots, sadly they were almost $400, OMGAWWDDDD I want them sooo~! Least I have a picture for the memory lol.

Me and my mom, yes she is my real mom. I was not adopted.

Ok...Now I think this is just a bit ridiculous.. butt enhancers ?
I just had to squeeze them !! not soft at all ! But thats ok, luckily I was fortunate and was born with a butt ~

A model modeling some casual wear for a night out in town.

The set up was so cute for the orderves 
The goodies I left with ~ I also took advantage of the makeup counters and bought myself lipstick the lancome thing was just a free sample. Now I dont ever wear lipstick mostly gloss but lately I have been in love with coral colors and I have found the perfect match ~! 

I love this color so much ~! Its not too orange or pink it is just the right shade and perfectly compliments my light skin, so much love ! I recommend this ! 
Ooh and the yummy truffles I received in my goody bag ~ 
Also me and my roomie made korean food last night ~ Im making the dumplings right now. 

Our korean casserole